For many years, I carried a deep burden, that caused much grief in my life. With June’s help, I was able to release it, and finally move on.  -Florence J.

I have experienced quite a few readings with June. Each was very personal, informative and helpful. The information I heard from June has helped me move forward on my life pathway. It has been a wonderful and heartwarming experience. Thank you, June!                                  -Ann Marrelli

There have been times in my life when I have felt ‘stuck’. I felt like I was in a constant tumultuous eddy; going around and around, but getting nowhere. Seeing June for past life regressions has enabled me to become ‘unstuck’. By revisiting relevant past lives, I have come to understand why I have been  ‘stuck’. Once I had these “ah hah”moments of understanding, I was able to get to a place of understanding, and forgiveness. This is a powerful place to be. I now understand why I repeated certain behaviors in this lifetime; and through my regressions, I have been able to release those behaviors, and experience healing, peacefulness, and freedom. Past life regressions have been a wonderful tool for my present life toolbox. I appreciate June’s knowledge and feel much gratitude for all that she has done for me.  -Lynne Lake

When my parent’s dog, Pixie passed away, it was devastating for them. Being an animal communicator myself, I was able to communicate with her while she was in her physical body, and also when she had passed. Pixie had shown me what she would look like when she reincarnated. Being so close to the situation, I called June to ask for her help. I never gave June any information that I received, I just asked her when Pixie would be coming back to us. She said that Pixie was already here, and that we would find her the first part of the coming week. Sure enough, Tuesday morning, June sent me  a picture of the cutest little angel. She looked exactly how Pixie had shown herself to me! June said to me, “You’ll never believe what her name is!” It was Pixie!! After contacting her foster mom, a date was set for Pixie’s home visit. My parents brought out her basket of toys, and put them in their room, where they had been kept before;  and also put her old bed where they used to keep it.  It was such a beautiful reunion when Pixie arrived! She and Mom immediately recognized each other! Mom brought her inside, and put her down, and Pixie ran right through the house, into the room where they had kept her toys, and grabbed her old favorite toy out of the basket, ran down the hall with it to where her bed was, and jumped in!!! Everyone, especially her foster mom was amazed!They then took her outside, to see dad. They also instantly recognized each other! What a wonderful day! June’s gift is truly life changing!                                                               -Kim Bracken  [animal communicator]

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with, and treated for breast cancer. I chose medical doctors based on their openness to alternative, holistic methodologies. My cancer journey involved traditional western medicine in tandem with “my” holistic healer, June Vidal. June taught me how to  visualize wellness in my body. She used her healing touch to help me with any side effects from my surgery, and chemotherapy treatments. After my hair fell out from the chemo, June did treatments on me, that helped my hair grow back very quickly. How I loved those treatments….. They felt so good on my scalp! June would channel information to help me to help myself. She channeled food suggestions and even recipes that were specifically meant to heal certain aspects of my body and it’s symptoms. Going through cancer with June by my side was life changing for me. June’s help, guidance and God given gifts allowed me to see the hidden gifts of breast cancer. I am now a totally different and empowered woman, post cancer, I really like the ‘new’ me, and June was a big part of helping me to see who I really am.                                             -Linda Murphy

My dog, Dudley, was my first dog. He sadly passed away 2 1/2 years ago. After hearing June telling someone how she reunites people with their animals that have passed, I asked her about Dudley. I’ll be honest, I wanted to believe this 100%, but I was a little unsure it could be true, until I met Dexter. June told me when he would be born, and when I would get him, and she was right on the money! Dexter has many of the same qualities Dudley had (thankfully the good ones!). He even gives me the same look that Dudley used to. The most interesting thing to me is the huge love I feel for Dexter, after having him for only two months so far. I truly believe that he is Dudley reincarnated, and couldn’t be happier!                                          -Tracy H.

A few years ago, I had thrown my back out in such a way, that it left me immobile for over a week. Nothing that the doctor had given me, or any manipulations from chiropractic seemed to be working.  My wife, who knows June for quite sometime, insisted that I go to see her, so with so skepticism, I did. June worked on me for about an hour, and told me to rest for a bit. I was able to get up very easily when finished, and was virtually free of the pain that I had come in with!! As the day progressed, the pain dissipated, until it was completely gone. To this day, I don’t know how she did it, but I am grateful.                                                                                                                                        -Bob F.

I used to get migraine headaches. One day, while visiting June with my sister in law, one started to come on. She put her hands on my head for about ten minutes or so, and suddenly, the pain was gone. I haven’t had any migraines since.                                                                              -L.S.

Having a reading by June was an amazing experience. She told me things that there was absolutely no way that she could know. She also told me many things that have since come to pass. I can’t wait to see her again.                                                                                                                         -Eileen

I was introduced to June thru a friend of mine who had gone to her for readings. During my reading with her, she spoke of a dog I had growing up, Lady. She told me that Lady had reincarnated, and was in search of me. I was very intrigued by this, for I had never heard about anything like this.  She told me that Lady was with a rescue, and was about six months old. The funny thing was, for weeks, I had been thinking about Lady, for the first time in years! She suggested that I go on line, and do a search with a local rescue, for a collie shepherd mix, and then google imaged a picture of a similar dog to what she was seeing. That very night, with much excitement, I did what she said, and within two weeks, I brought home Princess! I am amazed at this whole thing! There are so many things about Princess, that are the same as Lady, that I have no doubts! I love that we can be together again!                                                                                            -Kelly G.

My family and I had the incredible experience of being able to rescue an eight year old Great Dane named Maggie. She was with us for two and a half years, in which she had taught us a great deal about life.It was a huge loss for us when she passed away. I had a reading with June, in which she was able to give me intricate details about when Maggie would return, what she would look like, and how to go about locating her. When that time came along, there was a litter of Great Dane puppies listed exactly where June said it would be; with a puppy with the exact markings that June told me that she would have! When we got her home, I scattered some toys that we had bought prior, for her to play with, but she showed no interest. We had kept some of Maggie’s old toys, and we decided to bring out an old stuffed puppy that Maggie had adored, and loved to play with. Our new puppy (Jaxx) took one look at it, snatched it up, and dragged it safely into the back of her crate, where she curled up with it  and began to fall asleep. That was our validation! In the following days, Jaxx continued to surprise us with her similarities to Maggie, and still does, to this day. We are forever grateful for June reuniting us with our special Great Dane!


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