June has the ability to read for people in many ways. She can look into your lifeline, and tell you where you are headed, what choices/ events are on their ways for you. She can see into your past, to help you with things that may be blocking or stifling you. She will communicate with spirit, to answer any questions that you have.

As a medium, June can communicate with those who have passed, that have messages for their loved ones who are still here. Many times, people who find June seem to be led to her by someone from the other side, wishing to have June communicate a message to their loved one.

Many a time, during a reading, June will get messages about one’s health , or things that are ailing the person sitting with her. Often times, when this occurs, spirit will give suggestions to June to deliver, that can help to bring comfort, or alleviate a particular problem. Although June does not diagnose, as a healing intuitive, June can scan one’s body, and see/sense problems in particular areas; which often times can help one, by having something to suggest to their doctor.

Because of June’s abilities to see into other realms, hypnosis with June is very successful. She is able to tap into a person’s energy, and view what a person is seeing/ experiencing, while under hypnosis, making goals desired by her clients very obtainable.

June also communicates with spirit, to help people reunite with their pets, when they have passed on, and want to reincarnate again, to beĀ  with their people that they love. She is able to tell you if they will be coming back; if so, when, what they will look like, what sex they will be, and how to find them.

Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Therapy Practioner, Hypnotist.