firefly-firefliesWho is June Vidal, and what does she do?     June is  an intuitive therapy  practitioner; as well as a psychic/ medium , and intuitive healer.  She is also a certified hypnotist.   June uses her ability to connect with spirit to help people who are facing challenges in their lives. She does this by giving readings, and then making a road map to get you from where you are, to where you want to be, coming up with an individual game plan for each person’s individual needs.  Whether you are looking for a reading, to see where your life is going, or you wish to connect with love ones who have passed, or you are looking to make changes in your life either minor, or major, she can help. June lives in North Carolina, with her husband  Chris, where she has been practicing her unique gifts for the last twenty years.

“I am just a regular person, like the rest of you, that happens to be able to connect with spirit; and I use this ability to help people however I can. I am psychic, a medium and, an intuitive healer , and yes, I do see dead people. Many years ago, I discovered that I could  help people that are dealing with many different challenges, ailments, and difficulties, and over the years, I have made it my mission, to help anyone I can, using these abilities, that I have been given, and entrusted with.

I have worked with many people with numerous situations, and afflictions, such as :

stress, fear based issues, pain, cancer, arthritis, nightmares, phobias, alopecia, relationship problems, habits and addictions, weight issues, just to name a few.

*I also have the ability to connect with, and reunite people with their deceased pets, when they are ready to return.                                                   *I hold seminars, and teach classes on various topics, and am available for both private, and group readings.”


Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Therapy Practioner, Hypnotist.